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Household Protection

This was supplied by the Raleigh NC Police department.

DO NOT leave your vehicle unlocked!

DO NOT leave a GPS attached to your windshield overnight!
Wipe the circular suction cup imprint off the windshield upon nightly removal. Take the GPS inside of yoour residence.

DO NOT leave any item of value in your vehicle overnight.
Examples include: laptop, Ipod, cell phone, wallet, check book, pocketbook, book bag, tools, jewelry, etc.

Residential Prevention Tips

  1. Make your home look like someone is at home (i.e. leave interior lights on, burn exterior lights, install motion lights, leave radio/TV playing, park extra car in driveway.)
  2. Install quality dead-bolt locks with a one-inch throw bolt on entry doors and double cylinder dead-bolt on doors that have glass within 40 inches of locking hardware. ALWAYS keep the key for double cylinder dead-bolt locks in close proximity to the door, and always in the someplace, so that it will be there in the event of escaping a fire.
  3. Install a heavy-duty 4-screw strike plate, with 3-inch screws to penetrate into the 2x4 rough framing, not into trim wood.
  4. Install solid-core wood, fiberglass, or metal exterior doors.
  5. On sliding glass doors, use a wooden dowel, or track blocker to prevent opening.
  6. Use alarm decals, beware of dogs decals, and/or community watch decals near doors.
  8. Replace broken locks on windows.
  9. If you drill holes in window sashes for pins, ALWAYS remember that this presents a hazard for escaping quickly in the event of a fire, especially for children and the elderly.
  10. Cover windows with blinds or curtains.
  11. Don't hide you house key in close proximity to entry doors.
  12. Mark valuables with you driver's license number, using an engraving tool, take photos of valuables that would be defaced if marked.
  13. Find GOOD hiding places in your home for high-ticket items, especially jewelry. Jewelry boxes make things quick and easy for the burglar. Don't use the typical places like under mattresses, in drawers, in desks/file cabinets, etc.
  14. Secure guns in safes that are bolted to the floor or are large enough that someone could not move without a lot of help.
  15. Limit the amount of cash kept in the home and store it in a creative hiding place.
  16. Establish a relationship with your neighbors, so that they will keep an eye on your home, especially if going out of town. Encourage neighbors to call police if they see suspicious activity around your property. Give the contact numbers for reaching you.
  17. Start a community watch group in your neighborhood.
  18. If out of town, have your neighbor collect your mail, newspaper, packages; leave radio and lights on automatic timer, etc.
  19. Report suspicious people, door-to-door solicitation, strange vehicles in the area, people asking for work, anyone with stories that don't add-up, and anyone carrying items from someone’s home, or carrying pack-packs, bags in the area.
  20. Consider an alarm system or video surveillance system.
  21. Do not advertise your travel plans on social media.
  22. Be careful of who you invite into your home. Know them.
  23. Finally, if everything else fails, get a dog. They can be scary and they draw attention by barking.


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