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Guide to Deli Meats for Beginners

If you're new to the deli counter, you may be tempted to buy a dozen pounds of every salted and cured meat in the glass case. Instead, slowly introduce these lunchtime favorites to your taste buds and digestive system by trying them in the proper order:

Deli Meat

  1. Turkey:   This opaque fowl is the perfect cold cut for beginners because it tastes like absolutely nothing.
  2. Roast Beef:   A great intermediate meat, roast beef is just turkey dyed brown and flavored with bouillon.
  3. Salami:   Even the delicatessen's slicing-machine operators (called "slice boys" or "slice females") do not know which animal produces salami.
  4. Pastrami:   For experts only! Sound like a pro when you order pastrami by pronouncing it correctly-the R, M, and I are all silent.
  5. Liverwurst:   This disgustingly named meat is neither liver nor the worst-it's actually made from pressed vegetables and is the second worst meat, after marrowloaf.


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