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Sounds alike but different - Homonyms

Desert   -   Arid Land

Dessert   -   Someting sweet to eat after a meal

Hair   -   Something bald people don't have

Hare   -   A Rabbit - a cute little bunny

Bear   -   A big wild animal that wants to eat you

Bare   -   To take it all off - get naked

Cellar   -   Some place to bury dead bodies

Seller   -   Someone you buy a shovel from to bury the bodies

Cent   -   A coin of low value - a penny

Scent   -   The aroma from the bodies in the cellar

Colonel   -   Someone who sells fried chicken

Kernel   -   A piece of popcorn that gets stuck in your teeth

Knead   -   What you do when you are making bread

Need   -   Something you want bad enough to steal

Whine   -   What little kids do all the time

Wine   -   Something you drink to drown out the whining

Vile   -   A really nasty person

Vial   -   Somewhere to keep the poison to use on the vile person

Balled   -   Carnal knowledge

Bawled   -   What some do after they have been balled

Innocence   -   Someone who has not been balled

Innocents   -   Someone who has been balled many times

Burro   -   Also know as a Mule or an Ass

Burrow   -   To dig or make a hole in the ground to bury bodies in the cellar


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